Wood/Rock/Nature Sculptures Gallery


Bill Kasper has ventured into the varied world of creating one of a kind sculptures. His multi media sculptures are three-dimensional artworks created by shaping or combining hard and or plastic material, commonly stone (either rock or marble), metal, glass, or wood. Some are created directly by carving; others are assembled, built up and fired, welded, molded, or cast and often painted. Bill’s creativity can customize a sculpture for you using one or a variety of medium.

002.jpg 003.jpg 005.jpg 007.jpg DSC_9023A.jpg DSC_9028A.jpg DSC_9029A.jpg DSC_9033A.jpg Table2leg1.jpg WoodTurning1.jpg WoodTurning4.jpg WoodTurning6.jpg WoodTurning7.jpg black walnut table with cyprus knees base $800.jpg boc-5.jpg boc-5a.jpg box-1.jpg box-1a.jpg box-4.jpg box-4a.jpg box-6.jpg box-6a.jpg box-7.jpg box2.jpg box2a.jpg box3.jpg box3a.jpg box9.jpg burl wood boxes $100 ea.jpg cyprus burl inlaid with ceramic base $1200.jpg eucalyptus-burl-&-cast-glass-legs-table.jpg inlaid walking stick $125.jpg inlaid wood  table with ceramic base $1200.jpg olive wood inlaid table top with manzanita burl base $1200.jpg olive wood table top with assorted legs $675.jpg redwood burl inlaid table with cyprus knees base $1500.jpg redwood table with cyprus knees base $1500.jpg redwood-005.jpg wood & sstne inlay &450.jpg wood & st $450one inlay.jpg wood & stone inlay  $450.jpg wood & stone inlay $450.jpg wood & stone inlay $500.jpg wood & stone inlay sculpture $1200.jpg wood chair with inlats  $675.jpg wood table top with cast galas & steel base $200.jpg wood turnig $100.jpg wood turning  $125.jpg wood turning $100.jpg wood turning ($100).jpg wood-turning-$100.jpg woopd & stone inlay $500.jpg zebra wood counther top  $900.jpg